A Creative Year

Revisiting December Days

ATC: Zodiac Signs

100 Things of Thankful

From my Camera: In the Dark

ATC: The Trade Off

Soldiers in the Family

Show and Tell: Skeleton

Upgrading, Uploading, and Uplifting

Spiders in the Mist

The Toy Room

The Red Package

Spirits and Shadows

Special Delivery

The Veiled Moon

Eye of Frog

ATC Fun: Blue Moon

Show and Tell: Celestia

Looking for a Lost Friend

From my Camera


Show and Tell: A Visit to the Aquarium


Show and Tell: Hi Mom!

Independence Day!

A New Avenue

More Toys!

From my Camera

Show and Tell: Meditation Box

New Painting: Vitruvian Troll

#1000Speak: Connecting the Hearts

Flag Painting: Order and Chaos

The Sacred River Church of Troll


A Message from Me on Mother's Day

Show and Tell: Colors of White

Finished Painting: Baby Doll

For Margarita

The Nurturing Heart #1000Speak

Me and My Social Media

101 Things: What Art Means to Me

Show and Tell: End of the Day

Broken Third: The Hope

Broken Too: The Art

Broken One: The Doll