100 Things of Thankful

We (in the U.S.A.) just had our holiday of Thanksgiving and it is over and done. But it got me thinking about what I am really thankful for. And aren't we supposed to be grateful every day? I know I am. If I go through a day without being thankful for things, I find myself getting cranky and stressed.


I happen to know there are bloggers that regularly post their Ten Things of Thankful lists. Here is the one I enjoy reading from time to time (forgive me Lizzie for the part-time attention) I am sure writing it does the same for her spiritually as it does for me whether I write about it or not.

I started out making a list just for myself. As it grew, I decided to share it here. So...

100 Things I am Thankful for:




Being surrounded by nature... moon, frogs, birds, trees, more.


Sienna, my cat, even though she ignores the mice.


Live mouse traps so I don't have to deal with the bodies.


My neighbour's cats who do.

My neighbour.

My friends. They know who they are.

My family... close and distant... near and far. All of them are important.

That the friction between me and my sisters is minimal compared to some families.

My job.

Knowing there is a better one out there waiting to be found soon.




Art and creativity that keeps me sane, especially the crazy stuff.

My old truck which still runs.

God, spirituality, faith, and hope.

My cameras and digital photography that saves a fortune on film.

Warm fuzzy socks.



Rain, snow, sun, rain, wind, rain.

Lightning and thunder storms.

Interstate trucking and trains.


Bug spray.

Sewing machines.

Magnifying glasses and reading glasses.

Music and movies that keep my home from being too quiet all the time.

Space heaters.



Rural country even though it is slowly diminishing.


Trees even though they are being destroyed.

Modern medicine.


Thrift stores.

Grocery stores, even though I hate shopping (except thrift stores).





The sun.

The moon that is different every time I see it and provides for way too many photographs.

Living in Oregon.

Plumbing and running water.

Wine occasionally.


Making my own kombucha.

Making my own yogurt.


Making my own bread.

Herb plants.

Asthma inhalers.

Light bulbs.





That I am able to walk and move around even with arthritis.



Art supplies.



Genealogy that helps me understand myself.

Cemeteries... very cool storage places.

The ocean of which I haven't seen in a while and miss dearly.

Underwear that fits.

Cardboard boxes for packing and storing.


Eggs, even though I am supposed to eat less.

Chickens because they make the eggs.

Mirrors so that I don't leave the house too frightful.


Bugs that annoy the hell out of me but have their place in the ecosystem (except fleas... I am pretty sure we could survive with them).


Owls if only because they sound so cool hooting in the trees at night.






My children.

My grandchildren.

My great-grandchild.





Frozen yogurt that makes a good lunch once in a while.

Education (I think it might have helped me).


Toilet paper.

Drinking water.

Tape: clear, packing, masking, blue, artist, any.

Sight (as long as I wear my glasses).


Dolls and toys that I use in my artwork while revisiting my childhood.

My website.

My blog site.


People who make me smile and/or laugh (you know who you are).

Sugar even though I am trying to eat less (and not doing very well).

Antiques to remind us of our past.

Plastics to help us survive our future.

Petroleum products even though we need to slow our consumption.


Clouds that keep the skies from being boring.

Mud boots that keep me from falling too much when it snows.

Latin that gave me an interest in linguistics.

History... any.

Holidays to look forward to.

Surviving abuse.

Diminishing of PTSD.

Second chances.

Being a better person than I used to be.

Learning from my mistakes (well... most of them).



Living in a country that has free speech... 

(unless I say or do something stupid... then I will be publicly shamed, chastised, and morally crucified on Facebook by my 'peers')

...so far, so good!


  1. What a varied and beautiful list! I'm so glad you find intentional thankfulness as helpful as I do, and I'm glad you linked up.

    Your moon photograph is beautiful, and I'm glad for that.

    I had to smile at the juxtaposition of 'learning from my mistakes, angels, and cheese' at the end of your list. :)


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