Tribute to Minerva

I saw this wonderful post from Highland Fairy going around on Facebook on January 14th of a knitted shawl from Tiny Owl Knits. It was the design of an owl and I instantly fell in love with it! I shared it on my page and before day was done I had bought the pattern from and commissioned a knitter.

The pattern is from a wonderful site Tiny Owl Knits that has lots of beautiful designs (wish I could have all of them but settled for 3 patterns). They are very affordable and easy to pay and download the pdf files.

My birthday was January 19th so this became my birthday present for myself!

I got the Hedwig pattern and sent it by email to my cousin Cyndi B. in Montana. I never mastered knitting and my arthritis would stop me now if I tried.

Cyndi and I discussed yarns and colors. I wanted something resembling the Barred Owl I have been visiting and photographing. Named it Minerva. I chose greys and also wanted natural fibers. She ordered Wonderfluff yarn from Knit Picks. The colors were Finnley Heather and Cobblestone Heather. I sent a money order for the supplies and waited.

In February, I was texted a couple sample photos to show how it was coming. Very happy!

Then, last week, I received messages a package was on the way. It was exciting. When I came home on March 24th, it was waiting for me.

So beautiful!

It was softer than I expected. I usually prefer more natural feeling textures such as cotton or linen. BUT… the more I wear it and touch it… the more I love it. It is perfect! I keep it beside me on my bed (hidden under a pillow when I go to work so my cat doesn’t use it, I am selfish that way).

I had trouble getting my cousin committing to a price and what she quoted me is way too low. I will have a reasonable check in the mail soon. I am also going to print a couple of my owl photos to send (or bring on a visit).

I decided a fitting place to model it would be in the barn where a barn owl has been seen (not by me yet but I keep trying). Using a wireless shutter remote on my Canon Rebel SL2, along with auto focus, made it easy.

Thank-you to the designer, Facebook posters, and most of all my friend/cousin Cyndi B. who made it possible!

A Great Horned Owl seen in the same area as the Barred Owl.

I haven't seen Minerva for a while. The Great Horned Owl is a natural enemy and may have run it off or killed it. I hope not but nature is nature.

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