Hippie Chicks Rule

I recently bought my first painting!

I have prints by other artists, but oddly enough no paintings. (I guess I figured I didn't have enough room for my own.) Well.. I LOVE IT!!

I ordered it through Etsy from an artist Karren Hill I have connected with through Grumbacher -Official Fanpage on an ATC exchange project. The painting was very affordable (I expected it to be priced higher) and arrived in good time.

My deepest apologies to Karren at Eclectic Art by Karren Hill for not getting to it sooner. I was a bit under the weather and wanted to feel better to open it. The painting is beautiful, cheery, and strikes a chord with my hippie-self. (I love the bookmarks you sent) Thank you!


When she originally posted a photo of it at the drawing stage I loved it and never guessed I would be the one to treasure it. Here is a link to her Etsy shop Karren Hill Art. Check it out... lovely work!


Years ago I bought a bumper sticker that I've never had the heart to ruin by using it. I am sure it would go nicely on the VW bus!