#1000Speak: Connecting the Hearts

painting angel compassion 01

I didn't have anything to post this month for the Compassion project. I have been busy with other paintings and working at the non-artistic-but-pays-the-rent job. As an artist, I have made paintings for #1000 Voices Speak for Compassion twice: The Angel of Compassion and The Nurturing Heart












painting angel compassion 01
The Angel of Compassion
painting nutruring heart 01
The Nurturing Heart

 I still want to do more, but I didn't have anything to post this month. That is... I didn't until late last night and then had to be at work early... so I missed the 20th day deadline. But all is not lost... here it is...

This month is about 'Connection.' I did not get a new painting done... but last night an incredible and exciting CONNECTION occurred involving the first painting I did for February, “The Angel of Compassion.” I have promised it to an online fund-raising auction to benefit aid to help Nepal heal from the recent devastating earthquakes.

One of my favourite singers is Toni Childs. I love listening to her music and often do while creating. Listen to “The Women's Boat” and you will see what I mean.

Toni was in Nepal to perform just before the earthquake. She (and her company) missed it by a matter of hours. She feels a special bond with the country and the people. Already very social-conscientious, she is doing all she can to help Nepal. Last night, she posted on her Facebook page that she is hosting an event 'Rebuild Nepal's Online Auction' and asked for donations. 

painting angel compassion 01

I knew right away that The Angel of Compassion was the right piece to donate. This is all about compassion, right? So... I sent an email with an image and information (I pray my typing wasn't too horrendous considering the time.) I received a reply that it would be appreciated and included in the auction. I had been wondering how I could possibly help and this solves my dilemma!


I am excited that my painting, done for such a large and important project #1000Speak, will make another connection with yet another large and important project. Once again... I am honoured to be a small part of such a big picture! I will post more about it when it happens.


UPDATE: (23 May 2015) The site has a few pieces listed and mine is #6. This is exciting!


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