Broken Third: The Hope

Broken 3 Scan hands


She was broken for five years...

Spirit, soul, and body.

Another five spent mending.

Always mending...

a lifetime of mending.

When asked if she had

a hand in the other's demise...


“It is proof God answers prayer!”

Three more hoping...



Broken 3 scan doll 01

Part three of the 'Broken' series.

See Broken One: The Doll and Broken Too: The Art.

(Soon I will be back to my paintings.)


All images were made with scanner unless otherwise noted.


Broken 3 photo doll 01

Broken 3 scan hands 02

Another broken doll has made its way to me. This one had her face intact. Once again I brought her home and carefully, slowly, took her apart, photographed and scanned her. I love how something so broken can symbolize so much hope. When I see these things, I see beauty and love. We love each other regardless of what is broken inside us.


Broken 3 scan doll 03

Broken 3 scan doll 04

Broken 3 scan doll 05





  1. Amazing how broken pieces can be put together again in a whole different format! Love the series!
    Life may never be the same as it was before broken, but life will continue...... Beautifully done!

    1. Thank you! I love finding beauty in the brokenness. It shapes the present, with the dolls and with life.


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