Revisiting December Days

My blogging (at the moment) is a bit sporadic. This is because my personal life is in a bit of an upheaval. The property my home is on was sold (quickly and quietly) to the Grinch/Scrooge. The heavy equipment is not sitting outside my door as of yet... but will be soon. So, instead of decking the halls, I pack the rooms (albeit slowly). Work schedules, weather, and arthritis pain keeps it at a slow pace. 


But through this, I am truly blessed with caring and supportive friends who are helping and one is even taking me in so that I will not be completely homeless. After the dust has settled I will look for a new home for me and kitty. I also hope to find second or better employment.


Since I feel that I should post something, I thought I would share from a year ago. It was only last year this very green and inexperienced blogger decided to post every day for the month of December. It was ambitious, educational, a bit foolish, a lot of work, very rewarding, and most of all... the whole project was a LOT of fun!

I called it December Days. Here is a link to the final post which has an overview with a link to each post. If you missed them last year or would like to see again... please check them out!

I promise I will have more work to share soon.

Bless you and have a safe and harmonious Christmas holiday!









Please feel free to leave a comment here and let me know which was your favourite!