Broken One: The Doll

Broken 1 doll photo 01


She was broken. The other one... the one who hurt her... neither knew the extent of the damage... nor did he care. He only wanted to touch, to control, and to own. When her head hit the floor, he only stood and waited for her to rise so he could do it again. Eventually he walked away and she regained her posture although she would never be the same again. At first, there was barely a mark and people weren't really sure there was any damage at all. But it was there. One defining crack ran through her head and slowly, day by day, branched into a multitude of tiny, nearly invisible, fractures. Her jaw was broken, never healed right, and changed her voice. When she speaks, she hears someone new.

In spite of her despair... or possibly because of it... she survived. She captured the heart of the creator who saw beauty in brokenness and hope in tears. She was saved from the one who shoved her down and tried to steal her soul. She would never see him again or suffer at his hands. He would never hurt her again!


Broken 1 doll photo 02

Someone bought this 38" doll from the store where I work and returned it because of a crack in the face. I immediately saw the artistic possibilities. I spoke with my boss and asked if I could have it if unable to be returned to the supplier. He said maybe. After several days of me wishing for it, I was told I could have it for $1. I was so happy! I had so many ideas in my head of what the photographs and scans were going to look like. I was not disappointed.

Broken 1 doll photo 03

Broken 1 doll photo 04

As soon as I got her home, I very slowly and carefully removed the clothing, the body, and then the wig. I chuckled to myself for about an hour when I saw what had been used for the 'boobies'... two dense little pompom balls. Cracked me up!

Broken 1 doll photo 05

The doll was what is called an 'Umbrella Doll.' the framework allows her to stand free and also fold up to save space.

Broken 1 doll photo 06

Broken 1 doll photo 08
Broken 1 doll photo 07






Broken 1 doll photo 09

Broken 1 doll photo 10Broken 1 doll photo 11






Here are a few of the cool photos I took. I am especially excited with how the first one turned out. (It is NOT Photo shopped.) I made several scanned images which will be in my next 2 posts, Broken Too: The Art and Broken Third: The Hope  I also plan to use some of the images for paintings and also create mixed media projects with the actual pieces.


Broken 1 doll photo 12



Broken 1 doll photo 13

Broken 1 doll photo 14



  1. Kathryn, I've only just now been able to look at this whole post. Awesome photos, interesting to see what you do next. But I really had to comment on how beautiful the face of the doll looks once you can really see it, without all that fake hair. You may be onto something with these dolls - seeing what the rest of us overlook!

  2. Thank you Donna! I 'discovered' her as I removed all the 'stuff.' All the dolls I get are immediately stripped. I hate the clothing... distracts from the beauty and personality each one has.

  3. I love that you found beauty in something others may see as ruined.

    1. Thank you Heather! We artists call it "Beautiful Decay" there is even an art blog with the name and has very cool stuff. I just now posted the follow-up for this post.


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