ATC Fun: Blue Moon


I recently posted ATC Fun about my fun with artist trading cards. I had just participated in a monthly card exchange Art Swap #37, Iconic Toys Theme sponsored by Grumbacher - Official Fan Page on Facebook. The subject was 'Iconic Toys' which was great since I use dolls and toys a lot in my artwork. The next month the subject was 'Pop Art' and I didn't have an idea for that one so skipped it.

This last exchange was Art Swap #39, Monochromatic Theme. I thought about it for a couple of weeks and came up with something. I have been getting some awesome photographs of the moon lately and decided to use one of them. Since night seems to turn everything monochromatic (one colour), I figured they were right for this project. You can see some of the moon images in my last post Show and Tell: Celestia.


One thing I like about ATC's is they make it easy to experiment with mixed media on a small scale. Great for figuring out what works (or not) without a lot of wasted material.

I was curious to see how iron-on transfer paper (that was made for fabric) would work on paper. Happy to report that it works great! With my computer and inkjet printer, I scaled and printed several images of my moon photo on an iron-on sheet. (I made sure to reverse the image first so that it would look right when applied. I cut them out and used a hot clothes iron to press onto the paper. I did the background with watercolour pencils and a little water.


Sheet with multiple reversed images

I made a few cards and sent the best one to the Art Swap #39, Monochromatic Theme.


Some are unfinished... they will be great to have on hand for quick projects.




























I was surprised to see there were only five entries. They were all beautiful and I know I will love the one I get in exchange. The next Art Swap should have more entries although the theme has yet to be determined. I wait to see...


Do you make ATC's?... Interested in trading? Let me know! I have others I will be posting about soon...