Flag Painting: Order and Chaos

wall hanging flag painting order chaos 01

Flag Painting: Order and Chaos


I recently created this painting (May 2015). For the army men toy shapes, I photographed, printed, and traced each one individually to create the 'stars' and overall pattern. 



army man toy photoarmy man toy lines
order chaos pattern


As I painted them, the shapes reminded me of the chalk outlines from crime scenes. It is a reminder of the cost of freedom. It was a LOT of work but also a labour of love.

order chaos detail
Detail of Order and Chaos


The stars are white army men and the outlines on the stripes are with two colours of grey. Light grey on white and a darker shade on the red. 

Acrylic on fabric. Image size of the flag is 21” x 39” with an overall size of 23.5” x 42” with turned edges and brass grommets for displaying as a wall hanging.


order chaos display


I opened a brand new shop on my website just to list this painting. Visit the link HERE to purchase.