More Toys!

Composer bust set of 8


When I die, I want you to go to a thrift store and buy an urn/vase/box/whatever for my ashes. Put it in a cart and roll me around the aisles for one last trip. My favourite sections are: house wears, textiles, books, kitchen utensils, craft, baskets, wood, camping, shoes, skirts, and... most important... toys! I just love digging through the dolls and toys looking for something that jumps out at me and screams, “Take me... I am perfect for an art project!”... I love when that happens!

A few days ago, I went to the Goodwill on Lancaster in Salem with my close friend Lori. While she was looking at clothing I wandered off to look at everything else. I warned her I would end up in the toy section. I wandered... found an espresso machine for $8 that I desperately needed (and it works!). A while later, I was sifting through the shelves of toys and scored some awesome finds!


Bug molds for Creepy Crawly kit

Bug mold spider 01

A bag of bug molds. I researched and they are from a 'Creepy Crawly' set that uses injected liquid plastic. I want to see how they look on a scanner. Might be cool made into things...





Animal toys 01


Another bag with little toys including a giraffe, a rhino, and a hedgehog, along with a Puss-in-boots figure that has a button to make his eyes go wide. There is a wind up ladybug that doesn't work and a weird looking dog-thingy that I have no idea what it does... yet! I bought the bag because of the animals.


Puss-in-boots regular eyesPuss-in-boots wide eyes


Hedgehog figure 01                         Giraffe figure 01


Composer bust set 02


Composer bust Mozart photo

And the best score of all... a set of 4.5” plastic bust figurines of famous composers. Each has a name and date with a brand name 'HALBE' Research shows they go for $4-10 each online and I paid $3 for the set! I love them and have yet to decide what they are for but I am sure it won't be hard coming up with something. My favourite is Bach because he reminds me of the talking bust on Rolf's piano on the Muppet shows.

Composer bust Bach scan

After a while my cel phone rang and I answered it saying, “I told you I would be in the toys!”

About when I die... maybe you'd better find a container in the toy section... I knew I should have bought that cool looking M&M candy dispenser! I think I need to go back...