ATC: The Trade Off

I am really enjoying these ATC swaps. I have also done a few printmaking exchanges in the past few years. I like sending my artwork and seeing what I get back. It is always a surprise and I haven't been disappointed yet.

As some of you know, I have been participating in the Grumbacher Facebook Fanpage ATC monthly swaps. So far, I have done four. The fourth one is about to be posted in a few days. I blogged about two of my cards (but not the last one) and realized I haven't shared the cards I received. Normally I wouldn't post other artists' work but since they are on the Grumbacher page I figure it is ok.

So here are the trades so far. I include links to the albums so you can see all the entries.

Swap #37 Iconic Toys (see ATC Fun)

This is the one I sent





And here is what I got in the exchange. 'Troll Doll' is so charming (and appropriate!) It is by Elizabeth M. Ibarra. 

See her artwork HERE and HERE.



Swap #39 Monochromatic

This is mine (see ATC Fun: Blue Moon)


And this is the beautiful card 'Egyptian Moon' I received by Val Lovelace of Thunderbunny Designs

See her website HERE




Swap #40 Autumn

My card





The lovely one I got in return 'Dressed in Autumn' by 

Christine Cholowsky. 

See her work HERE and HERE


A fun note: for the Autumn exchange, we got each others' cards!

I wait for Swap #41 Zodiac Signs to be posted. I enjoyed doing something different with my card and will share about it very soon!

I've been thinking I might be ready to join in another group of ATC traders. Looking around...