Independence Day!

Fred holding my flag painting

Every year, on July 4th, we Yankees in the United States celebrate the day in 1776 that we announced our escape from England's rule. (I sometimes wonder what our world would be like if we remained part of the British Empire...) Every year we gorge ourselves with hot-dogs (except me, I don't eat them,), suffer sunstroke and sunburns, watch our families fight over the BBQ, and listen as the fire engines scream down the road en-route to the latest idiot's Roman-candle accident. 

Fireworks 01

And every year we gather to watch our town's public fireworks display, (which I kind of enjoy) while we pray a stray ember doesn't start a brush fire that takes out our homes.

This holiday sometimes means other things as well. Thirteen years ago on July 4th, my abusive husband took his own life.  He gave new meaning to 'Independence Day'! Every year I would watch my DVD music video of Martina McBride's Independence Day. I have not watched the last few years because I have been healing, moving on, and making newer and better memories. Yay for me!


But... through all this 'What the 4th of July means to me...”  I think it is important to remember the military men and women (and families) who served, fought, and died these last 239 years so that we could enjoy our hot-dogs and sunburns and be free to sit around and wonder what life would be like if we had remained with British rule... (at least the tea would be better...)

Fred with jeep
This is my neighbour Fred. He served in the Army and fought in Desert Storm. He came back a little shell-shocked but he is proud to be here and I am proud to call him friend. He graciously modelled my painting 'Order and Chaos' with his vintage Army Jeep and trailer that he will be driving in the parade on Saturday (I will miss it as I work that day).

Flag painting on jeep

Flag painting detail

The painting/wall hanging can be purchased from my website KmBennett Art

To all my state-side friends... have a happy and especially SAFE holiday! For everyone else in the world, try not to judge us... not our fault... it is the lack of good tea. Perhaps we shouldn't have dumped it all in the bay!

  Fireworks 02

Interesting note: I live in Independence, Oregon!

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