The Red Package

I did NOT want to go to work today and for one reason only! It was because I knew that my prints from the International Print Exchange 2015 (with Green DoorPrintmaking Studio) would be in the mailbox. Others were arriving around the world and I just knew mine would be here today.

And it was... YAY!

I had submitted a print edition of 10 and received 8 back (see my post Lambada). IPE keeps one for their archives and one is available for purchase. If it sells, it will cover my entrance fee for next year.



My new mailbox was finished just in time to give a nice safe place for the red package to wait. (see Special Delivery)


I LOVE THEM!! Every one of them is wonderful. I especially like the white one. It is difficult to see in my photo, but it is an embossed foot print. Charming! And there is one named 'Trolls'... I love trolls! It is as if they knew.

The artists who made my prints are: Hélène Bautista (France), Alex J. Gardner (U.K.), Hester Cox (U.K.), Alan Jenkins (U.K.), John Pindar ( U.K.), Amy Brannan (U.K.), Norah Brennan (Ireland), and Carol Pairaudeau (U.K). Thank you all... they are beautiful!



I wish I could frame them all but, although they are a small 5 ½” square, I don't have the room. I live in a small place. But it is to my advantage that they are all the same size image. I plan to cut a mat for a frame and alternate prints so that I can enjoy them throughout the year.

I would love to go to the exhibit opening but... England is a little far away. So I will be here, in Independence, Oregon, U.S.A, enjoying the fact that I am part of such a great fun project.


This is IPE's 7th exchange and I am really quite impressed with the organization of the project. They labelled every print (on the glassine sleeves) and I even have a list of the people who received my print. I have read on the IPE Facebook page that there will be a poster and later a book available for purchase and I will be ordering them!

I am already thinking of ideas for next year's entry...