Finished Painting: Baby Doll

Painting: Baby Doll


Some of you know I have been working on a few paintings lately. There were four (and became five when I did the “C” painting for a soon arriving baby, see For Margarita). I made myself a rule I could not begin any new ones until I finish those I am working on. So... today I finished one up... three more to go!

I am creating a series of paintings that incorporates my interest in using old dolls and toys as my subjects. I have done several blog posts about this, beginning with Playing with Dolls.

Painting: Baby Doll edges
Baby Doll - view of edges

Painting: RummageToday's painting is... Baby Doll, a mixed media painting 8” x 10” using both oil and acrylic. The image is continued onto the edges. I painted it in a similar style to a recent 'Rummage.'




I used my own photograph of one of my thrift store finds. I think she is sweet!


Painting: Baby Doll steps

Here are images of the same painting in different light sources. The first one, taken in indirect sunlight is probably the closest to actual colour. (It is difficult to get photographs of artwork to match up on a computer screen.)



Painting: Baby Doll 01
Baby Doll - indirect sun

Painting: Baby Doll 02
Baby Doll - direct sun



Painting: Baby Doll 03
Baby Doll - scan
Painting: Baby Doll 04
Baby Doll - indoor flash

Now... back to painting!