Show and Tell: Hi Mom!

I meant to post this a couple of days ago on July 7th for my daughter's birthday. I was busy working and didn't get it put together in time.

This piece reminds me of a fun time when my daughter Sarah and I were visiting Tucson, Arizona in 1985. We were on Mt. Lemmon and she had fun scrambling around on the huge rock outcroppings along the path.


I love the painting because it reminds me there were many special times with Sarah. Now we are distant. Mistakes have been made (on both sides) and we have become worlds apart.We may as well have a mountain between us.

I love her very much and pray every day for healing both physical and spiritual. I know it can happen.

I lived in Tucson for eight years as a child and I hated the hot weather. My family would occasionally make a day trip to the nearby mountains to escape the heat. It was beautiful.

Hi Mom! is a mixed media piece on 12” x 12” gallery wrapped canvas. I used acrylic paint for the background, oil paint for the drawing, and oil pastels for the 'crayon'-like squares.


It is special to me!