Lambada finished print


Trees like to dance! At least they do where I live. The slightest bit of wind and the fourteen oaks, along with walnut, apple, pear, cherry, plum, maple, and aspen trees sway along and sing with the most delightful voices among the leaves.


My trees


So when I was working on ideas for International Print Exchange #7 by Green Door Studios, I came up with a dancing tree. The requirements were that ten prints have a small paper size of 14x14cm and the image no more that 10x10cm. I will receive eight in return. I originally had several intricate and ambitious ideas, but eventually decided to keep it simple. I am glad I did as I am quite happy with the results.

Since I don't have a press for etchings or block prints, I chose to do serigraphs (screen prints) as I have the tools I need.

Tree sketch
Scan of pencil sketch
Colour patterns

First, I sketched a little tree that pleased me. I then added three colours of leaves. Here are my drawings I used as patterns.














Colour design
Colour design




Stencil fluid 01
Stencil fluid - detail
Stencil fluid 02
Stencil fluid drying

Stencil fluid 03
Stencil fluid and screen filler




For each colour, I painted blue stencil fluid onto my screen. When it was dry, I spread screen filler over it. When that was dry, I rinsed out the stencil fluid.

Screen rinsed 01Screen rinsed detail 01

Screen rinsed detail 02

I then mixed Speedball transparent base with universal colorants to make my own custom coloured inks. Ten prints were made in four colour 'pulls' of black/brown, dark green, medium green, and yellow. The shapes ended up a little 'rough' and I was hoping for that... more playful and fun!


Lambada print


The prints were labelled with a series number (1/10, 2/10,...), title and signature. As required, each was covered with a folded piece of acid-free glassine paper.


Lambada edition

The prints are required to be a limited edition of 10 prints but I left the stencil on the screen so I can make some different ones. I like the tree without the leaves and I also want to make some prints with Autumn coloured leaves.

I love print exchanges. I never know what I get in return. Previous ones, including the exchanges in printmaking classes at university have provided me with a whole drawer full of beautiful and/or interesting artwork by other people. When I have the wall space, I will put some of them up.

Read about my last print exchange: My Prince!

I have already registered and paid the fee online and so today I packaged and mailed them. I am a tiny bit worried they won't arrive in time for the August 31st deadline. The destination is in the U.K. and there is always a chance of getting stuck in customs. If they do... lesson learned! Next year I will have them done earlier. I think I will start working now on ideas for the 2016 exchange.