Night Trippin’ to Day

The sunsets were spectacular.

I went on an adventure last weekend. I originally planned to house/dog/cat sit for friends. But I got a call the night before… her husband couldn’t go and would I like to instead? Oh yes! I had to get off work early but made it work out. We drove from the Willamette Valley to the town of John Day in Eastern Oregon, getting there late… but the moon light was beautiful!

On the way… a glimpse of a mountain and snow.

Detroit Lake has disappeared!

The moon was stunning lighting up most of the sky.

My friend had grown up in the area and spent the weekend showing me around. It was a fun weekend spending time with Terri. I had always pictured East Oregon as a vast desert wasteland. Oh was I wrong! Stunning mountains, painted rocks, and ancient structures everywhere. I definitely want to return again!

I have more photos than usual on this post, but it was a FULL trip. (Thank you Terri!)



There are four graves, that of two women and two men. We do not have records of their time of passing, their names or their individual location within this enclosure, but assume it to be during the Gold Rush Days of 1862-1880. We also do not know why they were buried where they lie, only that they were not permitted into the main cemetery for the following reasons. It is said that the two men met their fate on the gallows for stealing horses. The two women were ladies of the night living on Canyon Creek and perished one night in a spring flash flood.”

Two of the grave sites in the forgotten section.      



Canyon City Cemetery has a section just outside the boundaries for the ‘sinners.’

The coolest grave marker I have ever seen!

Eveline Cozad died 1884

Greenhorn Jail in Canyon City

There were quite a few deer out at day’s end.

Kam Wah Chung was a Chinese doctor who helped saved immigrants and locals.

Prairie City sunset.

Reflection in a motel room.

We saw a few large ‘herds’ of wild turkeys.

Just east of Dayville was a tree full of Bald Eagles of different ages.


A store in Dayville has these fun miniature Old West structures.

Same store in Dayville


A stunning view from Mascell Overlook

Saw a lot of ancient and abandoned buildings.

Old Native American pictographs on rocks alongside a highway.

Not sure what this mountain’s name is (yet).

Caves in the rock walls. We tried to imagine what critters would be inside.

Cathedral Rock was breathtaking! My favorite spot on the trip.

John Day Fossil Beds.

John Day Fossil Beds. The tiny figure is my friend Terri. We, and the elk we heard, were the only ones there.

Me at The Fossil Beds – photo by Terri Stevens

Storm moving in on Suttle Lake.

Snow along the road home.

Fog rolling into the Santiam Pass.