New Painting: Vitruvian Troll

vitruvian troll painting 01 doll


Another painting finished!

Continuing with my using dolls and toys as subjects, my model for this painting is a troll doll. It is special to me because I had a couple as a teen. Wish I still had them (my favourite had white and grey hair). They would be worth a bit of money now.

Leonardo DaVinci is one of my favourite artists. I love the style and beauty of his work. His Vitruvian Man drawing is nearly as well known as the Mona Lisa. It demonstrates the symmetry and proportions of the human body.




painting vitruvian troll 02

But, as we all know too well that there are many sizes and proportions of people. Some of us are shorter... and stubbier... a bit more like a troll doll than DaVinci's model.

drawing vitruvian troll 01

A few years ago, I did a Vitruvian Troll on walnut tinted paper using walnut ink and colored pencils for the drawing. It was accepted into the Student Art Exhibit at Western Oregon University and I was quite pleased that it was purchased by the husband of one of my art professors.





painting vitruvian troll 01


I had planned to recreate it as a painting and began doing so a few months ago. (I have been working on a few paintings at a time.) Today it is finished! Since I signed the original drawing backwards to mimic DaVinci, I did the same on this painting.

painting vitruvuan troll 03


Vitruvian Troll is an oil painting on acrylic background, on 12” x16” gallery wrapped canvas. The edges are brown acrylic to match the painting and the 'antiquing' on the front is oil.
painting vitruvian troll 04

For purchase, visit my website KmBennett Art.