Soldiers in the Family



This post is here to pay honour and respect to those who served in the military in the past, present, and future.


We have all been affected by war. Either we have lost someone or we have friends who lost someone. We have family members, friends, and neighbours who have served in the military to protect us.


Earlier this year I became interested in making ATC's (artist trading cards). The first theme I worked on is shown here. I used images of toy soldiers with flags in the background. I enjoyed experimenting with different media such as coloured pencil, markers, and acrylic paint. See ATC Fun and ATC Fun: Blue Moon


I come from a military background. Here is a list of those in my family that I know served in the military. (I am sure I will omit someone, but not deliberately.)


Father, Rodney – U.S. Air Force, retired 21 years, aircraft mechanic went to Vietnam seven times.

First husband, Bill (father of my children) – U.S. Air Force several years

Son, James – several years in U.S. Air Force

Brother, Steven – U.S. Navy, several years

Nephew, Josef – U.S. Army Reserves – still active, was one of first troops in Afghanistan

Uncle, Gordon – retired U.S. Marines, now gone

Grandfather, Jess – U.S. Army, served in France WW1

Grandfather, George – Canadian Expeditionary Force WW1, details unknown but said to have suffered damage from mustard gas

Second cousin Bill Music – U.S. Army, WW2 died Battle of Iwo Jima. I never knew him but I have photocopies of the telegrams sent to the family. I can only imagine the heartache.


Great Uncle, Ernest - U.S. Army WW2, Survived combat in The Battle of the Bulge and other battles in Europe.

Cousin, Jess - U.S. Navy

There are other cousins and relatives not listed here (I come from a large family).




I also have many friends who are veterans or have relatives who served. I consider you family here.


For your sacrifice of service and life... I thank you!