ATC: Zodiac Signs

The results have been posted on Grumbacher – Official Fanpage on Facebook for the Art Swap #41 Theme: Zodiac. This month's ATC swap received 56 entries... the most so far. All of the cards are great and yes, I have some favourites and hopefuls for the one I will get in the trade. I must admit I waited not-very-patiently for it to be posted!

Image of my card from the Grumbacher fan page album. (I added the copyright text)

I am beginning to recognize a few of the regular artists' names and am starting to feel as if I were making a few long distance friends. It is a nice group to belong to!

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This time the theme was 'Zodiac.' I like that the subject is set but the rest is left up to the artist. I considered using the Chinese zodiac and a few of the artists did use it.

Bluing I have had for many years and keep in the studio. It is still over half full.



I ended up doing something a bit different (of course!). I wanted my cards to look like deep space, so I applied laundry bluing and sprinkled on Celtic sea salt for texture on watercolour paper. After dried, I rubbed off the salt and did another coat of bluing (to make it darker). I was surprised and pleased to see that where the salt had been, it turned to a shiny, almost metallic surface.





For the constellations, I printed a pattern I 'borrowed' from the internet. I wanted the light to shine through so I drilled holes. 

I then drew in the connecting lines with a black marker.



As there are twelve astrology signs, I wanted to make a whole set. I didn't want to be left with an incomplete 'set' of 11, so I made two of the one I sent to the exchange.

Since my sign is Capricorn, I did that one for the ATC trade.

Making this batch has inspired me to plan other sets such as colours, seasons, numbers, etc. 

Lots of fun!




Update (11 Dec 2015): I received a card and it is lovely! I think they sent me this one as it is similar in style to mine. 

Libra by Bunneah Munkeah


It is by the artist Bunneah Munkeah,  FB page: Addart by Bunneah Munkeah and website: