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Farm Cat 01 fence horizontal
Farm Cat 01

In my blog posts, I have been using my own photography (unless otherwise indicated) mostly to illustrate my artwork or processes. But photography is also an artistic discipline. There are some incredible and beautiful images created by some very talented people and I feel blessed to know some of them.


Meeting Place birds on antennae
Meeting Place (with a little creative filtering)

I have been a photographer since an early age when I was given a small brown box of a camera called a “Kodak Brownie.” I am sorry that I don't have any of my early pictures. I wish I did. I wouldn't even mind them being out of focus (as I remember many of them were).

I later took photography classes in high school and community college. I really enjoyed experimenting with images in a darkroom setup in the bathroom. That was a long time ago. But I have always been a photographer. I was usually the one with camera in hand at family functions. 


Sunbathing vulture on barn

Sadly, with the advent of digital photography, I have had to leave film processing behind. It is just too costly in comparison. Fortunately, digital has advanced so much that the trade-off is worth it.


Farm Cat 02 fence vertical
Farm Cat 02

As a documentarian, I have not shared my images so much as an art form, but as a record of my artwork. Now I present a few of my favourite images to stand alone as works of art. Some have been posted on my Facebook. Some you may like... others you may wonder what I was thinking... but I like them so I am sharing them. I will publish a few of my more artistic images about every couple of weeks. (I have LOTS!)


Blooming Hair broken doll head planter
Blooming Hair

Rolls and stack photo paper
Photo Paper

Walking in alley
Walking Away

I don't have these listed for sale online, but if you are interested in an image, message me and I work something out.

NOTE: As with all images of my artwork, I own the rights to these images. Do not share without proper credit and links. They are not to be copied or altered in any way.


  1. Beautiful! I especially love the cat!

    1. Thank you! I saw the cat across the property and zoomed in on him through a gap in a fence. I was really pleased when I saw the results.


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