The Nurturing Heart #1000Speak

Painting: The Nurturing Heart

Today is posting day for 1000 Voices Speak for Compassion. The first was February 20th and the response was so great it was decided to keep it going. The founders Yvonne Spence and Lizzie Rogers, along with a team of helpers have gone so far as establishing a website 1000 Speak for Compassion.

Painting: The Angel of Compassion

Most posts were writers sharing their impressions and feelings about compassion. As a visual artist, I chose to create a painting to 'speak' for me. I posted We are Here! 1000 Voices Speak for Compassion in January and painted the The Angel of Compassion in February.

#1000Speak (as known for tagging purposes) chose the March blogging subject to be about Bullying and I did not participate. Although I have been a victim in the past, my heart did not lead me to try to illustrate this.

Photo: Lucie Aimar

I was intrigued with the subject of 'Nurturing' for the month of April and decided to do a painting again. Once again I 'creeped' through friends and relatives online photos. While I was doing this, my sister Lucie Aimar shared a picture she had just taken of our mother and Meredith (our niece Amy's beautiful little girl). I knew it was perfect and saved it. I asked and was granted permission from sis to use it for this project.


Painting: The Nurturing Heart

Here is what I have done today. It is unfinished and I will share again when it is done (probably next week). I used oil on 8” x 10” gallery wrapped canvas. I call it 'The Nurturing Heart.' 





Painting: The Nurturing Heart in progress



As with my previous painting, I will let the image 'speak' for itself.






Click HERE to see the page with all of the 1000 Speak for Compassion project's links


  1. Beautiful painting. It does capture the essence of nurturing.

  2. Oh, this is beautiful! a picture really does paint a thousand words!


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