The Toy Room



I made another trip to my favourite thrift store last week. This time I took my favourite daughter-in-law Rosa. She had never been there and we were having a day. I love to dig through the piles and boxes in the toy room to find the creepiest ones to use for projects. And there are always some really cool doll parts in the crafts section.

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If something has potential... it goes in the cart. These little porcelain feet and legs will make some great jewelry (thanks to Rosa for the great idea!)

The porcelain doll heads, bodies, and parts will be useful in 3D projects.

A couple of plastic dolls will go in a box with a few others and sit outside for the winter. I am hoping for that weathered look and will let you know how that works.

Score! Another troll doll! I am always watching for these.

Not sure what I will do with the 'genitally correct' doll but I am sure an idea will come along!

I found wax doll parts that are quite interesting. They intrigue me and will go with the wax head I found on a previous trip. See my post: Still Playing with Dolls

Prince Charming! I am going to see how the armour looks on a different doll... like a Barbie... or a troll!

This odd little thing looks like an arm from a robot or something. I am going to mount it on a board or wall and use as a wall hook. Other doll arms and legs would work as well, but that will be a whole other blog post.

And the Creepy Award for this shopping trip goes to... Santa and the Caroler.  Found them in the Christmas Room. The plastic figures have faces that even freaked out the man at the counter. I was looking for an Elf on a Shelf but only found a small little one and hope to get the real deal someday. I may have to order it.



And in answer to some people's question... Yes... sometimes I do feel like Sid in Toy Story. But I try to be nice to my toys... I don't blow them up... and I apologize before I pull their heads off!