Special Delivery



Saturday was a monumental day! We installed a new mailbox! This may sound like a simple thing but to me... it is important to enjoy everything that I can. I love living in the country surrounded by nature... birds, frogs, cows,... everything!

I share a mailbox with my neighbour Fred. The box has seen better days and has been slowly falling apart. The door fell off a few months ago (which was ok since it was summer) and I felt sorry for the mail carrier because we also had to keep ant bait in the back of it.





I recently decided to buy a new metal one (old was plastic). With winter coming I figured it was time.



I had some vinyl sign-making scraps and used them to decorate the mailbox. I am not sure if it will stay on through the winter and if not, I will redo it in the Spring with enamel paints. I haven't told Fred yet, but I deliberately used gold with red white, and blue in his honour as he is a U.S. Army vet.

Here is Fred installing it...

And here is Fred gone... to get a lathe because the base was 1/4” too wide.

I had to go somewhere and when I got back there was a nice new mailbox. Thank you so much Fred! 


I only wish I could have seen the mail carrier when she first saw it. She probably figured it was about time!

While I took photos, a beautiful red plane flew overhead. Like I said... enjoying the little things... because they really are big things!