Finished Painting: Rummage

Painting: Rummage 01

I know I just posted a Show and Tell yesterday, but I finished a painting today and I am anxious to show it off. I shared about it earlier when I started it on Work in Progress and here it is all nice and finished. All I need to do is let it dry and paint the canvas edges with black acrylic. I call it 'Rummage.'

This one is a little different in format. The canvas is square and I did an all-over design that does not have a designated 'right-side-up.' Because of this, I think I will sign it on a side edge (or possibly all four). I am posting most of the images the same direction for comparison purposes and I also include smaller images showing it in each direction.


Painting: Rummage x4


For my image, I arranged the dolls on a canvas and photographed them.


Photo: Rummage 02Photo: Rummage 01


I prepared the 20” x 20” wrapped canvas with a background of light browns and then painted the values with raw umber oil paint. I then added colours to deepen and accent the shadows. I stopped where I did because I wanted the old vintage photograph feel it has now. I am happy with it.


Painting: Rummage progress 01Painting: Rummage progress 02


Painting: Rummage progress 03Painting: Rummage progress 04

Painting: Rummage progress 05I did the background in light purple, but did not like it so I changed it to red.



Painting: Rummage 01


This is the first in a series with dolls and toys as my subjects. (see any of my Playing with Dolls posts listed in the archives on the right. I recently stocked up on canvases and ready to start a new painting.