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Painting: Rummage progress 01




I have been painting! It feels good to be working on a couple of projects. I am blessed... my arthritis has been allowing me to paint without much trouble. So I thought I would share what I am working on. You may recognize my using dolls as subjects. I do believe I have found a definite theme in my work. I really enjoy it and have other ideas so I will be busy building up a body of work.


Painting: Rummage progress 02
Painting: Rummage progress 03

This painting (yet to be named) is 20”x20” on gallery wrapped stretched canvas. The background is acrylics mottled with light browns. It was originally intended for my 'Compassion' project but decided I wanted that one smaller. 



So far, it is done with raw umber oil paint. I will add some colour to deepen the shadows and to accent the dolls but keeping the overall appearance monochromatic.


Painting: Rummage progress 01

UPDATE: Finished! See Finished Painting: Rummage

Also, here is a sneak peek at my 'Compassion' piece. This is for a project in which I am currently involved. See We are Here! 1000 Voices Speak for Compassion. There are well over 1K writers signed on. I choose to speak as a visual artist. I will be posting a blog on February 20th.


Painting Angel-Compassion progress

This painting is 10”x10” on gallery wrapped stretched canvas.


  1. Wow Kathryn! I LOVE (love, love) your Compassion piece. Totally awesome!

    1. Thank you Donna! This is one of the ones I needed to think, pray, and meditate on for a a few weeks before coming up with the design. The doll one was the opposite. I had the idea, laid the dolls on a canvas how I wanted them, photographed, and started drawing and painting. Each way has its own reward


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