Preparing for the Big One

8:20 pm. Setting sun - Sony Cybershot DSC H300 no filter

I live in Independence, Oregon, U.S.A. We are dead center in the line of totality for the full solar eclipse on 21st August, 2017. This is both good and bad. Good is that I don’t have to leave home to see it. Bad is that we will be inundated with masses of people coming from everywhere else. Oregon is expecting over 1 million visitors. This is a potential nightmare. Travel will be impossible and most of us locals plan to hunker down and weather through it.

8:20 pm. Sunset through a glass ball w/ Canon Rebel T5

And when it comes… I will be ready!

I put in for the day off from work (applied months ago) and ordered special filters online. I got a B+W 100E ND (neutral density) 3.0 1000X Coated filter for my Canon Rebel EOS T5. I ordered it from B&H Photo. I have ordered items from them before and they are reputable with quality product. I also bought a sheet of filter film from Amazon to make my own filters for my Sony Cybershot or any other camera I want to use.

8:11 pm Canon Rebel T5 w/ND filter

8:12 pm Canon Rebel T5 w/ND filter not sure if white specks are stars or dust.

8:12 pm Canon Rebel T5 w/ND filter red spot is light of sun bouncing inside lens

Yesterday, I got out the filter and looking through it, I could see more than I thought I should be able to. I was afraid I had ordered the wrong one. This is bad because it is too late to get another. Supplies are non-existent and/or astronomical in price.
Today, I put it on my camera to try it out. Good news! It works just fine. I plan to practice with it several times in the next couple weeks so to be ready for the big event.

8:13 pm Canon Rebel T5 w/ND filter This time looks yellow

8:16 pm Canon Rebel T5 w/ND filter I looked behind me and the wonderful red was reflecting in the window on the house behind me.

Right now, the Willamette Valley (and much of the Pacific Northwest) is full of smoke from wildfires in Oregon, Montana, and has drifted from as far away as Canada.
This makes for some spectacular sunrises and sunsets. It even makes the moon more beautiful than she already is.

Today’s post is of my images I took today of the setting sun. Some with the filter… some without. See the image captions for details.

8:23 pm Canon Rebel T5 polarizing filter (I keep on lens standard)

8:24 pm Canon Rebel T5 polarizing filter

8:24 pm Canon Rebel T5 polarizing filter If you look closely, there is a faint streak of red. It is the last light of the setting sun.

And one last image... the moon was watching from behind the trees... 

8:29 pm Canon Rebel T5 polarizing filter

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