Another Return

I’m back!… (again)

Me in my natural habitat!

After about 1/2 year of not posting anything… I am back. The reason I hadn’t was because I haven’t been producing artwork to post about. My arthritis got in the way and I am working on that battle. But I have not been idle. In addition to my day job, I have been into photography. I go walking nearly every day I am able and have developed a love for getting images of the local wildlife. I am fortunate to live surrounded by eagles, hawks, kestrels, ospreys, vulture, nutria, beaver, deer, and so much more.

I have posted nearly every day on Facebook and have decided to begin sharing my images here and post the link on Facebook (and other platforms). I do this because I am working on ideas to generate income from my love of photography.

I made some drastic layout changes to the blog and may experiment with more but will settle down to something nice, I promise!

View to my left

View in front of me

View to my right

So… here for my return… I present images I took today of my favorite watering hole. I can spend literally hours sitting by the creek watching the wildlife and thinking about life. When I began, I discovered that my problems didn’t come with me. I had found my escape by stepping out my door and enjoying nature!

View above me

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