I have not been here for a few months. 


I make no apology... but offer explanation and new direction...

This blog was originally begun to share my artwork. But I have been battling with the pain of osteo-arthritis and not doing much studio art work. I do want to keep at this blog so I have been considering changing direction of focus. It will still be about my creative expression, just not necessarily painting, printmaking, etc.


This last year, I have been photographing wildlife and nature. I have been going outside walking nearly everyday and it has been good for both my body and soul. I had hesitated to share much of it in this blog because I was concerned it didn't fit with my original purpose. So... I adapt...

I post my photographs on Facebook nearly everyday and I will now be posting more images here. I will also share about my struggle to maintain a creative outlet in the face of disease. It is not about self pity. It is about doing something that will help me deal with it. 




Many of you have similar journeys and perhaps we can face them together.