A Different Kind of Wildlife

I have been posting a lot of wildlife photos on my Facebook pages lately. I am surrounded by blue herons, mallard ducks, Canadian geese, red-tail hawks, ospreys, harriers, and much more.

But this time I think I will share something a little different.

Today was a trip to a doctor in Portland, Oregon for my parents. My sister asked me to ride along and, since I finally have a day off from work, I went.  Part of me dreaded it... (afraid of the potential stress) but it went relatively well.

Portland is the nearest large metropolis and the city is working hard at establishing successful mass-transit systems. I was impressed that from one window I could see a multiple of transport modes... car, bicycle, motorcycle, bus, streetcar, light-rail, sky tram, boat, yacht, and pedestrians.

I got some great shots of the landscape from the tenth floor waiting room.

We had hoped to ride the sky tram but it got postponed. Maybe next time.