From my Camera: Things Above Me


I have loved photography ever since I was a young girl and my mom gave me a Kodak Brownie camera to use. Film came on a roll and the pictures usually came out blurry but I loved it anyway. I sure wish I had some of the images. The oldest I have are from when I took a class in high school.


With the advent of digital photography, I have been able to dive in.

Until a couple of years ago, I made do with a small pocket camera. Then I got a better Sony Cybershot camera and I really took off. It also helps that I am surrounded by incredible and beautiful nature. I recently got a Canon DSLR and after a few months of it sitting (I was intimidated), I have been learning what it can do.

I frequently post 2 or 3 of my nature photos on my Facebook pages. The best ones usually go on my art page KmBennett Art.

Today, I got so many pictures I am happy with, that I decided to post them here.

This morning began with a spectacular sunrise. I barely had time to snap a few shots through my window before having to leave for work. The moment I got home I put on the mud boots and grabbed my cameras…

The best thing that happened was… a bald eagle flew right over me. It was SO cool!

I got a lot of pics of the local turkey vultures who have returned from their winter’s migration. Last summer they were landing on my house… very unsettling!  This one was either checking me out, showing off, or both.

While out and about I was also visited by a mallard duck couple. They wanted to land in the nearby wetland pond but kept going when they saw me.

Other visitors were this young little robin…

…and a honey bee gathering pollen from the dandelions.

I think I did pretty good today (with a little help from Mother Nature)!