From my Camera... and Studio

Today I share a combination of past artwork and recent photos that blend into a fantasy world.  I live in the country and it is sometimes beyond words for me to describe how blessed I feel to be surrounded by so much nature.  

I have animals such as: bats, birds (including geese, herons and eagles), skunks, possums, raccoon, nutria, cows, sheep, rodents, and more. I have even spotted a grey fox. 

I am also surrounded by trees: oak, walnut, maple, poplar, apple, cherry, plum, pear, willow, pine, hemlock, etc. 

The weather here is wonderful! The best days are full of fog, wind, lightning and thunder. I see incredible sunsets and rises. I also get some of the most beautiful views of the moon (as you have seen some of my past photos).

You could almost say I live in a magical world. The earth has provided me with glimpses into faerie tale worlds just by walking out my own front door.

The images I have will be great to use as inspiration and reference for upcoming projects.

This one shows the camera flash reflecting off the fog's moisture hanging in the air.


Sometimes I half expect Red Riding Hood... or even Tim Burton... to come out from the trees!