ATC: Birds



Time for another post about the artist trading card exchange at Grumbacher - Official Fanpage on Facebook.

This time the theme was 'Birds'


I had a few ideas but eventually settled on a new technique I had been wanting to try. I like the idea of cutting away the negative space on an overall design, so decided to try it with this card.


I made sketches of birds using some of my regular visitors. I have a lot of photographs I have been taking here where I live.  







Color plan











I then transferred it to Bristol board and trimmed away the unwanted bits. 

The color was done with liquid acrylics.  



Here is a picture of the card in the moonlight...


I am looking forward to seeing all the submissions. Grumbacher hasn't posted them yet because they had more arrive for this than the others. It will be a lot of work to process it all. Also, as seen on their FB page, they are busy with fun events. I sure wish I were there but I am on the wrong side of the country. Maybe I should see about being a West Coast rep!?

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UPDATE 2016-03-11: The results were posted HERE this morning and they are all wonderful! I can't wait to see which one I get. 


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