Wild Woman!




I am now officially a... “Wild Woman”!

I have always known it. My friends have always known of this and, through the years, have accepted and come to enjoy my artistic embracing of my weird side. Strangers have suspected and either joined in my reverie or left shaking their heads.

Either way... I am having fun. This is my ride... my journey... my circus with my monkeys!

The River Gallery in Independence, Oregon is pretty well known an the Pacific Northwest (remarkable considering how small this town). Every year they host a 'juried exhibit called 'Wild Women.' The show isn't exclusive to female artists but is “... celebrating the spirit of women.” Some of the best artists in the Willamette Valley are included here. The opening reception (I have been to a couple) is a 'Who's Who' in the local art world. 


I have wanted to submit to the Wild Women show for about eight years. Artist friends have suggested it and I intended to every year. But each time I either missed the deadline, was not prepared, or was distracted with life issues. It is also possible that a small part of me was a bit intimidated by the calibre of work in the show.

This year was different... I was ready... I was confident... I was wild! I had a few paintings finished and waiting for the submission due date. I watched the calendar... and I did it. The theme this year is 'Flashback,' which fit well with my artwork as I like to use toys and dolls as my subjects.

I submitted three pieces and two (the best two) were accepted. When I dropped them off last week, I got a peek at some of the other works coming in. It was all so good! As I left, it started to sink in... I am 'running with the big dogs'!

Rummage – 20”x20” oil on canvas

see post Finished Painting: Rummage

Angel of Compassion – 12”x12” oil on canvas

see post The Angel of Compassion

(This painting has a few stories!)

This is a big deal to me. I have had works in gallery shows but it has been a while and I haven't submitted much of anything for a few years. I have been focusing on showing my art on the internet and even there, I have slipped a bit. The River Gallery's Wild Women show is a 'jumping back in' point for me. I hope to start being more involved (and visible) in the local more tangible art world. It feels good to get back to basics and we will see how it goes from here... another path in my journey... another tent in my circus.

The show opens today and the opening reception is on January 23rd. If you are in the area... come on by!




UPDATE 24 January 2016:

Last night was the opening reception for the Wild Women show. I was exhausted from work and family matters but went anyway. My dear friend Peggy went with me and we had a good time. She dressed very elegantly and I was my usual 'Bohemian' style.

The show was fantastic. I am very honoured that my artwork was chosen to be among such great works. I think the Angel of Compassion painting got the most favourable response. Everyone loved the face with its directness and character. Rummage made people think of their own dolls, which was a good thing.

I saw artist friends I had not seen in a while and I promised that this was my 'coming back' into the local art scene. I have been focusing so much on getting my work available online and now I feel a need to be more in touch with the local... more 'tangible' scene. So it is time for me to start submitting to local galleries. I will let you know how that goes.

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