From my Camera: Celebrating Winter



It has been a rough winter. I had to pack to move because the property I live on sold to developers. Well, now I celebrate because the deal fell through. I get to stay... (until it happens again, but hopefully I will be a bit more prepared).


The season has also been filled with not-so-special anniversaries that trigger PTSD and depression. By the grace of God and the love of my friends, I have passed through relatively OK. The worst is done. 

I was pretty sick through the Christmas season. With my home in such disarray of boxes, I didn't have much Christmas. I even missed the family gathering. All that is better too. The head cold has finally subsided. It turned out to be a blessing that I was too ill to pack. I only had to retrieve one truckload from the storage unit I had rented.

So... Praise be! The New Year is starting out much better than it ended. To celebrate, I share some photographs I took today. I had errands to run but it was so foggy out I decided not to drive in it but take pictures instead.




I grabbed a couple of dolls I have 'weathering' on my front deck and thought I would see if they would look good with the fog (which could have been a little thicker... maybe next time). 

Nature rewarded me! While I was out, a white heron appeared in the field. 


I think it came to check out my neighbour's duck decoys!

I feel so blessed to be a witness to such beauty.

And... the sheep are baa-ck! I look forward to their yearly visits.






This is a reflection of the trees on the surface of a swimming pool. I like the impressionistic feel the reflection gives.


I had fun with this image and put it on Facebook with the text 'Catmobile!'

I hope your year goes well!



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