There are some pretty cool sites on the internet that showcase the 'beautiful decay' of abandoned structures and locations. Abandoned America is a nice one. 


Also, I follow Abandoned Oregon on Facebook. It is a great page and the people seem friendly. The photographs are impressive. They accept reader contributions and today I shared some photos.

I posted a few images of an old chicken coop that sits on the property where I live. I love it for its broken beauty.














Here is the text I put with it:

"This is my first post here. The images are of an old chicken coop on the property where I live in Independence. It is no longer used save for a couple of possum carcasses brought in either by coyotes or vultures (we had a invasion of the birds this last summer)."


Next, I want to find more places to photograph... sure to make for some adventures!


PS. Yes, I did takes pictures of the dead possums...