Snapshot Sunday: Week 02

Frog 01 photo KmB



Week two of a new blogging project which was inspired by a fellow blogger  Living and Teaching Abroad.  Caroline, began the idea of posting weekly with photos to share her world in Kuwait and invited readers to submit to her blog.  She posts her pictures along with whoever shares. Please visit her blog site. It is worth subscribing and following because her stories are well written and interesting.



Caroline's photo (from last week) shows us how she and her family enjoy Comic Con even when living in a foreign country. See her story here. (I know my granddaughter would be so jealous!) I love the picture... very striking and powerful! Also, here is the Facebook page.


Frog 01 photo KmB
I chose my image of a bullfrog for this week because the weather has been warm and wet. This breeds a lot of frogs here where I live. Even my niece, Amy complained on Facebook about the noise and she lives several miles away in Eugene. They can get pretty deafening at night sometimes.



Unfortunately, the bullfrogs are an invasive species and are eating and crowding out the native ones. We find small tree frogs about but not very many.

Regardless of their evil sides, I do enjoy listening to them at night. I also like to stand (very still) next to the 'cement pond' and photograph them. I have used pictures of the frogs in some art projects. See My Prince!



My Prince! serigraph



I invite you to send me a photo that shares a bit of your world. If you do, I will include in my post next Sunday complete with credit and links.

UPDATE: I discontinued this series because I have plenty of art projects to write about. But is still a great idea!