Snapshot Sunday: Week 01

Willamette Valley storm KmB


Sometimes we are able to show others what our world is like in a single photograph. National Geographic is proof of that. We 'armchair travellers' can see the world and never leave the comfort of our own homes. We get a global view that spans many cultures.

Here is a project that personalizes things. It takes our view of a stack of picture postcards and changes it into a sharing experience. We give each other glimpses into our lives in different corners of the world.

A blogging friend Caroline recently started Sunday Snapshot. She lives in Kuwait and thought she would share photos that represented life there. At the same time, she invited readers to share photos of their world. Then, on Sundays, she will post them along with a description and site links.  I LOVE her first photo and I sent her one that showed what life was like here in the Willamette Valley in Oregon, U.S.A.

Here is Caroline's blog site Living and Teaching Abroad. Visit it, like it and follow it because I can promise you it is fun and interesting. (Her Facebook page here) She gives us a snapshot of what life is like on the other side of the planet (for some of us way over here anyway). Her first photo is of some wonderful camels that just makes me smile!
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This is the photo I submitted to the project. It is a composite I did one day when we were having some incredible weather. The clouds were all kinds of colour. There was lightning going a few miles away. I stood in one spot and took a multitude of photographs while moving a few inches at a time covering a 360ยบ area.


Willamette Valley storm KmB
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I thought the project Sunday Snapshot was a great idea and Caroline graciously gave me permission to use it. I am going to try to do this and see how it goes.

So I invite you to send me a photo and I will include it with a description, full credit, and links to your blog site, Facebook page, website, etc. in a post the next Sunday. It is a great way for us to help each other network.  Send it to me via my Facebook page  and post a comment here letting me know you sent it.  (Unfortunately, Blogger does not let photos in comments. If they do, I haven't figured it out yet.) If you don't have a copyright label on it, I will be happy to do it for you.

Here are the rules (partially copied from Sunday Snapshot):

1. Photos have to be taken by yourself – They can be old or new and should include some simple explanation about why you have chosen it.
2. Please keep everything child/family friendly.
3. Include up to three links you would like with it.

Have fun and I hope this works!