The Five Day Art Challenge

Art challenge group


There has been a fun thing going around on Facebook lately. An artist, accepting the challenge, posts three pictures of their artwork and nominates another artist, everyday for five days. That adds up to 15 images and 5 fellow artists who accept the challenge and do the same. It is a wonderful way to show off our favourite pieces. The best part is seeing everyone else's artwork. Some is familiar and some is new to me. A sort of on-line gallery. At first, I did not expect to get nominated, but when it happened I decided it might be fun... and it was.

It was not easy to choose my favourites. I have done a lot since I began in 2005 which includes seven years of art classes. I have drawers full of drawings and prints that I need to photograph and make available. It is such a daunting task, I will probably have to do a few at a time.

For the Five Day Art Challenge, I chose to show a different medium every day. I posted digital scans, drawings, screen prints, paintings, and murals.  I considered posting on my art page but decided to do it on my personal page to have more interaction with my friends.


Please visit my website to see more of my artwork.

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Day #1 – Digital scans. I have a lot of these. Learn more by reading my Artist and Project Statements and blog post Deviant Dolls. More images can be seen on my website KmBennett Art and my “Dark Scans” in my Etsy Shop.


D1 - Crossing Over
Crossing Over

D1 - Rebel
D1 - Formal Portrait
Formal Portrait




Day #2 – Drawings. 1/ Franklin W. Stearns was my very handsome great-grandfather. He died before I was born so I never got to meet him. But I have read and heard so many family stories that I know he was a kind and great man. 2/ Skeleton from a life (and death) drawing class. 3/ Another class project illustrating The Three Bears story. The version I was given had Goldilocks as an older lady. This is the front cover. I plan to make it colour.


D2 - Frank Stearns
Frank Stearns

D2 - Mourning After
The Mourning After

D2 - Three Bears
Three Bears cover

Day #3 – Screen prints. We were required to choose a theme each term of printmaking class. I had been reading Norwegian folk tales and ended up using folklore and mythology as inspiration for several classes including drawing and painting. I still do. There is a wealth of lore, enough that I will never run out. 1/ I had been reading a story describing trolls and I wondered how I would draw one. So I did... and rendered him as a screen print. 2/ A dangerous mermaid. 3/ Inspired by stories about 'the old man in the tree.'


D3 - Troll
As Big as a Mountain

D3 - Mermaid
A Dangerous Lady of the Sea

D3 - Old man tree
Hello Grandfather!

Day #4 – Paintings. 1/ My wonderful grandson Forest. 2/ A class project to learn that there is no such thing as white. Everything reflects some kind of color. 3/ The Gift was inspired by the fact that my creativity is a gift from God. So is communion a gift to honour Jesus Christ who gave his life as a gift. The painting was also a gift to Oak Street Church in Silverton Oregon. It was a gift of love.


D4 - Boy & bird
Boy and a Bird

D4 - Whites
Colours of White

D4 - The Gift
The Gift


Day #5 – Murals. All of these are in Silverton and I will be blogging about each one in future posts. 1/ Entryway for BrushCreek Playhouse, painted posters of past plays. 2/ A hobbit door on a residential ground-level basement door. 3/ Paws for Love for Silverton Mural Society


D5 - Brushcreek

D5 - Hobbit door
Hobbit Door

D5 - Silverton mural
Paws for Love

So far, a couple of friends have accepted my challenge and their posts are full of beautiful artwork. I don't know who started this project, but I thank them.