December Days: 20 Profile Pics

Vitruvian Troll drawing KmBennettArt

Today I am going through old photographs for a blog post but I am having trouble because: 1. I can't get through them without crying, 2. they are a jumbled mess, and 3. the scanning is tedious. There are particular items I am looking for and have found a few of them.

So today, for the sake of my sanity... I am going to post something else (planned for a different date) so I can work on the mess.

I thought I would share a few of my favourite Facebook profile pics from 2013-14.

Out of Darkness gelatin monotype print KmBennettArt

Dead Faerie mixed media KmbennettArt

Self Portrait painting KmBennettArt

Double Selfie photograph KmBennettArt

Isabelle's Doll painting KmBennettArt