December Days: 30 New Year's Resolution


My resolution for 2015 is to finish some of my paintings that have been left undone. Some of them need a lot of work, a few only a little. All are painted with oils except for one.



1. The Abbot's Courtyard - I used a photograph I got (stole) from a friend's Facebook post (and yes... he does know and has forgiven me). This one is close to being finished.




2.  The Dancer - I did two paintings from this photo I took of a studio model. The other is shown here.




3.  Secrets - painted this in January 2008. I was going through emotional crises could not finish it. I hope to.




4. Mardi Gras - I visited New Orleans about a month before Katrina and this is from one of the photos I took. I did a watercolour using the same picture which has been sold. This painting is nearly finished but needs more contrast and definition.




5. Un-named - class project was to paint our hands. This is supposed to be my hands holding the moon. I searched all over town to buy the 'right' ball to use as a model. Needs a lot of work.



6.  Silverton Park - landscape assignment for same class as #5. A few things need fixing. 




 7.  Unnamed - another landscape from same class. Needs a lot of work. I was trying out a different style and was happy with that part.




8.  Rapunzel - similar style as #7. This one is with acrylic paint. I plan to put a small knight on a horse in the bottom left, looking up and considering his options.





9.  Old Woman with Pomegranate - self portrait in progress.

And if by some miracle I get these done this year... not to worry, there are more.