December Days: 27 Sulamith Wülfing


I want to share another most treasured art print by another artist. Another print from the flat-file drawer full of lovely works I hope to someday frame and enjoy. 


Sulamith Wülfing


The artwork is by Sulamith Wülfing, a German artist and illustrator (January 11, 1901 – 1989) who created hundreds of beautiful and ethereal works. She began at an early age and later, with her husband Otto Schulze, Jr., started the Sulamith Wülfing Verlag, a publishing house to produce her lovely artwork with cards, calenders, books and more. 






Sulamith and Otto








During WW2 they were separated when Otto was mistakenly reported dead in the fighting on the Russian front. She fled with a child to France and they were later reunited. I can only imagine the emotions, trials, and the joy the poor woman went through.






About four years ago, I was blessed with the good fortune of finding a poster by Sulamith Wülfing in a Goodwill store. I paid $1.99 and I loved it, although I had no idea who the artist was. The print is an 8.5” x 10” image on 12” x 15.75” heavy paper. It is labelled and named, “The Great Ball” showing children (or faeries) carrying over-sized tree ornaments. It is a beautiful picture of Christmas. I have yet to determine the date of the image but I guess it to be around the 1970's. The print may not be worth a fortune (looking at similar ones online, perhaps $50-100 at best). But it is a treasure to me and it will be the first to be framed when I have space.



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