December Days: 22 Christmas and Children

1976 James and me

I can't post all the Christmas photos, but here are some that span from 1976. From my son James' first Christmas up to recent ones with my grandchildren. I treasure every moment and I hope they do also. It took a few bouts of memories and tears to go through photos and put these together.  I wasn't always able to make it special for them. While they were growing up... so was I. I often fell short, but we have come a long way and I love them very much!

1977 James

1978 February - James' first snow... he hated it!

One of my favourite Christmas memories is when Sarah was about 7 or 8. We unwrapped presents on Christmas eve and later, after she went to sleep, I brought a new bicycle in and set next to the tree. Early in the morning, I woke her up and said she needed to clean the living room. She was too asleep to realize I wouldn’t normally have done that. I was so impressed... groggily, she got up without a complaint and went out... to find her new bike.  It was so fun watching her... excuse me I need another tissue...

1981 Sarah

1982 James and Sarah

1982 Sarah

1983 Sarah was so CUTE as a present!

1983 Sarah

2000 Athena

2002 James, me, Sarah

2002 Athena and Forest

2010 Athena and Santa (Kelly Farrah)

2012 Forest and me roller skating

Note: A few dates may be a little wrong but close enough.


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