December Days: 19 Fun with Hats


Today is a little silliness!  I have the beginnings of a Santa hat collection (three) and have been having fun with them.


I need to find (or make) a kitty-sized hat for Sienna.  Until then she is content with borrowing mine.


It is said that people and their pets begin to look alike! Maybe this will be my Christmas card photo.

Sienna wasn't very fond of the reindeer antlers as they wouldn't stay up.

Here are a couple selfie cartoons I have done in the past...



 and also a Santa hat photo of me from 2005

Ho ho ho!


  1. Love the pic of you and the cat looking up and towards each other, haha! Bet you had lots of fun taking these photos!

  2. Thank you!Yes, I was seeing if I could get 'selfies' of both of us. I also liked the one of us looking alike and iy is my current profile pic on my personal FB.


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