December Days: 18 Uncle Gordon was a Bell-Ringer!

Uncle Gordon was a bell-ringer. He rang the bell at Christmas to help raise money for the Salvation Army. He was once featured in a local newspaper.

Gordon Earl Bennett was born December 18, 1935 and died December 2, 2007. Between these two dates he married Alice, had five children, and retired from the Marines. He had lived a full life, had a loving family, and had earned his rest. But Uncle Gordon (my father's brother) still felt it important to do what he could to help people in need.

On November 30, 2007, Gordon stepped off a curb and was hit by a drunk driver. He died three days later. I was at my parents house when the call came. The family was devastated and still feel the loss to this day. But we are comforted in knowing he was a caring, giving, and loving man. His children Sherry, Donna, April, Candi, and Daniel (and grandchildren) are proud of him. His brother, nieces, and nephew are all proud of him. We cannot pass through the Christmas season without thinking of him.

For many years, I gave to the bell-ringers because the Salvation Army had helped me when I was too poor to buy my children Christmas presents and also during a time when I was homeless and needed food. Now, I give for another reason. As I put what I can in the kettle I say, “This is for Uncle Gordon!”


  1. After I posted this, I noticed the date... today was his birthday!


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