December Days: 15 Winter Scarves

This has been my big project the last few months. For years I have been saving vintage lace tablecloths, crocheted doilies and collars, and fancy trims. I always told myself I would do something with them someday. Well, this year I finally did. I have been making scarves by cutting the tablecloths into strips and adding doilies and trims to the ends. I colour them with fiber-reactive dyes and my homemade dyes from walnut husks and oak galls on this image to see a previous blog post showing how I made the first batch.

Everyone seems to love the scarves! I knew I really liked them, but was pleasantly surprised how well  they are received. A friend Renee with a wonderful little shop Stone Buddha in Silverton, Oregon saw me wearing my favourite and invited me to come have a table to sell them this last weekend. It was fun and I sold a couple of pieces. I must confess I am not much of a sales person and had to work up to talking to people as they came into the store.

I am going to try again this Saturday and hopefully will be more assertive. perhaps I should practice in the mirror...

The shop has LOTS of wonderful items both from local artists and from around the world. I love the incense department... heavenly! I found a couple things to use as gifts for Christmas.
I have some scarves I am still working on. I like this picture because it shows the different colours I get from my natural dyes. Upper left (black/brown) is walnut; right (golden brown) is oak gall; and the lower (reddish) is cinnamon. I had been simmering cinnamon sticks for several days and thought I would try it as a dye..

After Saturday, I will photograph what I have left and list them in my Etsy shop. If you are interested in buying one, message me. I priced them at $28 which I will guarantee through January 31, 2015.

Update 2015-02-24: I didn't make it the next Saturday due to inclement weather. The Stone Buddha is now closed as the owner decided to retire and is now enjoying herself even more!  I listed the scarves in my Etsy shop but think they might do better in a more hands-on venue.