December Days: 13 Keeping Santa Weird

Santa KmbennettArt
Scanner art image of Santa doll head

"And now for something completely different..." ~Monty Python

My friends and family already know that I am a little weird. The fact is, I enjoy it... I revel in it! One of my favourite activities is finding creepy, strange, or offbeat dolls at the local thrift store and 'playing' with them. 'Playing' in the sense of seeing what creative things I can do with them. Visit my website to see more of what I sometimes title 'Playing with Dolls.'

Santa doll KmbennettArt
Santa doll used for image above and below.

Weird Santa gelatin monotype print KmBennettArt
Gelatin monotype print using same doll head.

 Please don't ask me how my brain works... I have no idea. I just let it go and enjoy the ride. I recently posted the next Santa on my Facebook art page with the caption, "I have a feeling I might be getting a lump of coal this year." What really makes me smile is knowing that if I did, I would see what strange and artistic things I could do with it!

Porcelain Santa head on 5" plastic soldiers...

Santa Soldier photo KmbennettArt

Santa Soldier photo KmbennettArt

Santa Soldier photo KmbennettArt


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