December Days: 10 Oh... Tannenbaum!

Today I share photos of childhood Christmas trees. Just the trees. I find it interesting that just about every (Christian) family has these. Everyone, at one time or another, has taken snapshots of the tree alone. I think it has to do with our desire to document life's milestones. Similar to photographing a birthday cake... we feel a little silly but at the same time it is important.  Many of these pictures are lost to obscurity, especially if the dates were not noted.

 At first look, they may seem plain and yes, maybe a little silly.  But, as a cultural ritual, I find them both interesting and special!

Note: these trees are the same ones as in the old family pictures in December Days: 04 Spirits of Christmas Past.


  1. My sister, Betty, and I used to get tired with the "tinsel" process of hanging each and every one separately. After a few, it turned into a tossing match and our trees wound up with gobs of tinsel in blobs on the tree. But, to us it was beautiful!

  2. Same with us! Mom would have to watch us so we didn't get bored and start throwing clumps at the tree.I AM having fun with this daily blogging for December. I must confess ideas are getting a little more challenging. I think it is good for me. I will be glad the end of the month and go back to around weekly.


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