December Days: 06 Nativity

There was always a nativity set in my childhood home. The one I remember most is very special... and still exists. Several years ago, Mom decided to let us kids have turns with it. My sister Lucie got it first (because everyone else decided to draw names... I thought it should have gone in chronological order but got over it fast).

A few years ago, my sister passed it on to me. I must say I was having a difficult time and the timing was perfect.  Last year I decided it was time for the set to move on and I took it to my brother Steve. I miss it, but it isn't mine to keep.

This is the set Mom has now. She painted the pieces.

Here are a couple other sets I photographed at my church in Silverton to use as models for future Christmas cards.


  1. Love, love, love the pictures of the nativity sets. Very touching story about sharing and passing around the one set that belonged to your parents. I bet it was difficult to pass it on.


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